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Arch/knee pain? time for new running shoes?

lately i have been experiencing severe arch pain when we go on distance runs (on pavement) as well as knee pain. is this because of my shoes? i got them in mid january 08. i run approx. 3miles and week days at track practice and 6miles on saturdays, and i run in them in meets (yeah i know i should get some new racing shoes). these are just training shoes. i have brooks. should i get new ones?

Arch/knee pain? time for new running shoes?

yes, if you%26#039;re feet are hurting it%26#039;s probably time for new shoes.


haha, but really.. you%26#039;re statistically supposed to switch running shoes every 10 months...

hope i helped
Reply:yeah, pretty much. but if the knee/arch pain doesn%26#039;t go away after ur new pair of shoes is worn in, then u need to talk to a trainer or a doctor, it culd turn out u have something wrong if the pain keeps comin.
Reply:Yes, get new shoes IMMEDIATELY. I have been out 4 weeks because of knee pain that I learned was tendenitis. As stated above, new shoes every 10 months or every 500 miles whichever comes first.
Reply:look into the nike structure traix 10 and 11


Which Driving Shoes Should I Get?

I%26#039;ve been looking for some racing shoes, leaning towards Piloti, any advice?

Which Driving Shoes Should I Get?
I would either go with impact, or simpson.
Reply:air force 1%26#039;s :)

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Which training shoes are best for 50-meter indoor track sprinting?

Not really interested in racing shoes, but just overall training/practice ones that are in the $50-100 price range. This is for high school indoor track, btw. Thanks.

Which training shoes are best for 50-meter indoor track sprinting?
if you%26#039;re doing 50m sprints then you training should consist of resistance training, plyometrics and sprints.

If you already have sprinting spikes and are looking for suitable shoes for the gym then go for something with plenty of support like the asics gel kayano,

If you want something for indoor training on a wooden floor look for something more along the lines of a squash or basketball as the blow-molded outsole in most trainers performs poorly on wood.

Finally, if you are training on an indoor track regularly then you should be wearing spikes. (this is fine for sprinters but longer distances can get away with trainers out of competition) I wear asics hyper sprints which I find perfect for my needs, but you can probably find something suitable from any big manufacturer. Dont forget to sit down as do some ground stretches or something between sets of sprints (or even take the spikes off) for the first few sessions until your feet and legs get used to them.
Reply:Nick shoes are good
Reply:Spikes, oasics
Reply:Nike is good, around the price you want try Brooks they are usually a little cheaper and getting better at making sprint shoes.

Twitch S (41177)

Get a jump on the competition with this versatile, lightweight sprint spike designed for distances of up to 400 metres. Comes with 6mm pyramid spikes and wrench.

Mach 7.0 Spike (41172)

This super-sonic shoe is engineered for speed, support and superior cushioning. The lightweight Mach 7.0 Spike feature a mesh upper for breathability and wider base for greater stability. Perfect for cross and track

F1 (40007)

The F1 is the premier sprint spike, featuring our new eight well Pebax plate and aerodynamic shrouded upper. The Pebax materials is lighter and stronger than conventional material and provides excellent traction and propulsion at toe-off. It’s designed for serious sprinters running distances up to 400 meters.

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What shoes do i get.?

i need cross country racing shoes,but dont know what to look for in a shoe. also where can i find them with out spending about $50 on a pair. i need them to be about $30 or less.

What shoes do i get.?
Go to a running shoe store and see what fits your foot and feels good. There are racing flats and cross country spikes, what you get depends on the courses you will be running.

Ask your coach what you need. The brand doesn%26#039;t matter all major brands make good quality shoes, the only thing that matters is how the shoe feels to you.

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Track shoes?

i need a pair of racing shoes- good quality, comfortable, light weight shoes for track. i have a meet this friday and i can%26#039;t use my trainers cause they%26#039;re way too heavy. any good brands you guy know of or have had experience with?

Track shoes?
I wear asics and I love them..light weight and comfortable
Reply:it really depends on your feet

I recommend asking one of the staff members at dick%26#039;s or wherever you%26#039;re buying the shoes to take a look at your feet

it%26#039;s really important that you have good shoes for running, because prolonged pounding on the hard track usually leads to shin splints and other stuff you would want to avoid

hope this helps
Reply:I got Mizuno%26#039;s last year and they were great. They were really light weight, I got them special for that because my other ones were hurting my feet.
Reply:I wear Nike Waffles, they%26#039;re very light weight and comfortable.
Reply:asics are the best to go with, i have had nike addias, pumas and NONE of them compared to my asics


How to Identify Fake Puma Shoes?

Hi. I%26#039;m currently in China, and I ran into a street vendor the other day selling Puma shoes. I dont know much about Puma shoes (hence being here), but i thought they looked real. He is selling the ones made out of fabrics with really thin soles. Some carry car logos so i think they are car racing shoes (narrow on the toe side). They looked kinda dirty and sizes are on the plus side...maybe that%26#039;s the reason they ended up on the street.

My question is, are there any puma signatures that I can use to distinguish fake from real? Those shoes all had the puma logo just above the toe, and inside the flap there is a sign says made in China and with 2 different sizing numbers (one US standards and one something else). Since they had fabric finishes and the soles are thin, it was hard for me to determine if it%26#039;s real or not. I think they are these:


How to Identify Fake Puma Shoes?
they don%26#039;t have little embrodiered pumas on them.

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Has anyone ever heard of Hyatt Horse Racing, Polo shoes?

Yes. Horses prone to stumbling can benifit from them,as the lower outside rim gives nicer feel and grip. Some think it might even speed them up.. Its your money!

If it stumbls for no organic reason, give it a go.

Has anyone ever heard of Hyatt Horse Racing, Polo shoes?
A Polo shoe has an internal rim that is higher than the outside rim. This increases traction and allows for quick stops and turns at high speeds. Like other shoes, they have 8 holes but on a polo horse, the end 2 are never used because they reduce the capacity of hoof expansion.

Hyatt Hotels has a program that is similiar to airlines frequent flyer miles and credit card companies points programs.

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